Audio Engineering


Our experienced engineers will use all of the tools at their disposal to capture the best possible recordings. Whether it is for a song, film, radio, TV etc.  

Typical Sessions include:

Tracking vocals, drums, guitars, etc.



We have worked with many different genres of music, and are capable of mixing at a professional level, no matter the type of music you create. Our team uses various types of audio processing, adding effects (delay, reverb, etc.)

Advanced Editing Techniques:

  • Timing vocals, drums, guitars etc.
  • Comping vocals, drums, guitars etc.
  • Vocal Tuning

5.1 & 7.1 Surround Mixing - Coming Soon.

Music Production


We have a team of in house producers, as well as 3rd party contacts that we can refer you to, to help you get the sound you are looking for.

Extensive Sample and FX Libraries, Wide Selection of VST, Drum set, Guitars, hand percussion are available. Vinyl's and turntable that can be used for sampling.



This process is used to enhance the quality of your audio, and to bring it to a professional listening level, ready to be distributed through various mediums.   

  • Applying noise reduction to eliminate clicks, dropouts, hum and hiss.
  • Reductive EQ.
  • Additive EQ.
  • Adjusting stereo width.
  • Multi-band Compression - Equalize audio across tracks for the purpose of optimized frequency distribution.
  • Dynamic range compression or expansion.
  • Peak Limiting.
  • Dither.
  • Transfer the audio to the final master format.

Audio Post Production


Richard and Jon both have degree's in Audio Post Production. We are working to integrate surround mixing into the studio.

Typical sessions include:

Automated Dialogue Replacement (ADR)

Foley Recording

Sound Design

Scoring for film and TV

Voice overs for TV/film

Evidence & Forensics


We support clients in extracting audio from devices, transferring them to a format that can be played back for presentation as evidence to the court. 

Typical sessions include:
Voice message backup

Audio enhancement

Noise Reduction and Restoration

Music Distribution

The Sound Box is able to educate artists on music distribution. This can include submitting your music to various music platforms such as Apple Music, Spotify etc. Also advise on best practices for submitting your music to record labels and publishing companies. 

If you have any questions about these services, and would like to get more details please reach out to 




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